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Getting Started

Transparency is key to any healthy relationship. Before you consider working with me, I ask that you review my practice structure and make sure I'm a right fit for your needs.


  • My practice is fully virtual and I provide Telehealth services through my HIPAA compliant secure online portal. 

  • Clients must have access to a computer, laptop or tablet for sessions and a private space for appointments.

  • My primary approach to therapy is EMDR through healing wounds. I focus on working with clients who have PTSD, C-PTSD, Anxiety, Depression and other trauma and stress-related issues.

  • My rate is $275 per session.

  • I am an Out of Network provider (OON).  Depending on your health insurance plan or employee benefits, it is possible for sessions to be covered in full or partially, typically 50-70% of the session fee is reimbursed.  If you would like help with submitting claims to your insurance, or need help to verify how much your health plan may cover, I use a free service that uses HIPAA-compliant technology to create, submit, and monitor insurance claims on your behalf. For more information you may check out Thrizer's website at: Help Center | Thrizer

  • My current availability is Monday through Friday 10am -4pm, Wednesday evenings 6pm-8pm and Saturday mornings 8am-10am.

  • In order to hold a session, clients must be located in the states I am licensed to practice in which are New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Florida. 

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