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EMDR Intensives 

Concentrated-Accelerated-Intensive Treatment Approach to Healing and Transformation.

What is EMDR Intensive Therapy?

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing)Intensive therapy is an accelerated form of EMDR therapy where individuals participate in longer therapy sessions over a shorter period of time. This intensive approach allows individuals to progress more quickly in their healing journey compared to traditional weekly therapy sessions. The intensive format may involve multiple hours of therapy per day for several consecutive days or weeks. It is typically recommended for individuals who want a more focused and concentrated therapy to work through trauma or other emotional issues.

How is EMDR Intensive Therapy different from regular weekly EMDR sessions?

Time Commitment: EMDR intensive therapy involves longer therapy sessions over a short period of time, while regular EMDR therapy typically occurs on a weekly basis over a longer period.

Intensity: EMDR intensive therapy allows individuals to delve deeper into their issues and process trauma more quickly due to the concentrated sessions.

Accelerated Progress: The intensive format often leads to faster progress and results compared to the slower pace of a weekly session. 

Cost: EMDR intensive therapy can be more cost-effective in the long run compared to attending weekly sessions over an extended period.

Who is EMDR Intensive therapy for?

  • Clients who have anxiety, complex trauma or multiple traumatic events that require focused and concentrated therapy.

  • Individuals who want to accelerate their healing process and make significant progress in a shorter period of time.

  • Those who have a busy schedule and prefer to complete therapy in a more condensed format rather than attending weekly sessions.

  • Clients who are highly motivated and committed to working through their issues intensively.

  • Those who prefer a more immersive therapeutic experience that allows for deeper exploration and processing of emotions.

  • Client's who've tried traditional therapy approaches without achieving the desired results and are seeking a more rapid and effective alternative.

  • Those looking for a cost-effective option for intensive therapy compared to ongoing weekly sessions. 

EMDR Intensive Package Rates

Every Intensive Package includes a 90-minute Pre-Intensive Intake, EMDR Intensive Processing Session (2,3, or 4 hours) and a 60-minute follow-up session. Your package can be modified to include Weekday, Premium Evenings, Weekends, half-day to multi-day sessions. The fees are based on your needs and a customized treatment plan.

Rates for EMDR Intensives start at $2,000

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