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Journaling, Not Sure Where to Begin?

I consider myself to be an avid journaler. As a person who loves to journal, I find clarity in organizing my thoughts and understanding my state of mind. I often look back at my journal entries and I'm overcome with gratitude reflecting on the obstacles I have overcome. Journaling has allowed me to look back through at least 15 years' worth of entries recording my highest and lowest moments (I know I know that's a lot of journals, lol).

We know that journaling has great benefits, but sometimes we may not know where to begin. Here are some journal prompts to help you get started for your week or day.

1. What are three things I am grateful for today?
2. What negative thought or belief has been bothering me lately? How can I challenge or reframe it?
3. What is one small step I can take today towards achieving my goals?
4. What is one thing I did well today? How can I build on that success?
5. What is one situation or interaction that triggered negative emotions? How can I reframe it or respond differently next time?
6. What are three self-care activities I can prioritize this week?
7. What is one limiting belief I have about myself? How can I gather evidence to challenge it?
8. What is one fear or worry that has been holding me back? How can I take a small step towards facing it?
9. What is one negative thought pattern or cognitive distortion I have been engaging in? How can I replace it with a more positive or realistic thought?
10. What is one boundary I need to set or reinforce in my life? How can I communicate it effectively?
11. What is one mistake or setback I experienced recently? How can I learn from it and move forward?
12. What is one self-compassionate statement or affirmation I can tell myself today?
13. What is one thing I can forgive myself for? How can I practice self-forgiveness?
14. What is one area of my life where I can cultivate more self-acceptance and self-love?
15. What is one thing I can do today to manage stress or anxiety more effectively?

Sharing is caring, feel free to pass along to a friend or a family member who may need help getting started with journaling.


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