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In 2009 I graduated with my Masters in Counseling, after graduating I decided to take the opportunity to enhance my skills through various direct service and leadership roles. In 2016 I returned to school and earned an Advanced Certificate of Mental Health Counseling, while I continued evolving as a Mental Health Professional.


I have been helping people create meaningful and purposeful lives for almost 20 years. I’ve held various roles as a Qualified Mental Health Professional (QMHP). I have served as a Clinical Director at a non for profit organization in Westchester County where I provided clinical leadership through the utilization of evidenced based practices and overall clinical quality care for community outpatient treatment services. I currently hold a position as Adjunct Professor for the Graduate Counseling Department at Mercy College.


What People are Saying

I have known Maria professionally for well over a decade. Maria is the best type of clinician - intelligent and modality focused but deeply feeling and connects to people on the most human level. Maria is a consummate professional; I’ve never seen her doing less than her best work, even when she thinks no one is looking.
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